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Now ~ 2022

A new challenge
toward becoming
a global leader company
  • Awarded the $3 Million Export Tower Award
  • Designated as a global IP star company
  • Received the Chungcheongbuk-do Governor’s Award
  • Expansion and relocation of technology lab
  • Selected as a management innovative small business (Main-Biz)

2021 ~ 2018

We are growing by using
comprehensive materials.
  • Received the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award
  • Patent registration for dental adhesive composition containing biocompatible porous bio-active minerals
  • Selected as a women-friendly company by Cheongju City
  • Received the Chungbuk Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration Award
  • Patent application for porous glass nanoparticles and dentin adhesive composition containing the same
  • Awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower
  • Received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award
  • Selected as a leading employment company in Cheongju City
  • Expansion and relocation of corporate research center
  • Acquired as a technologically innovative small business (Inno-Biz)
  • Patent registration for light-cured dental restorative composition and manufacturing method
  • Received the Chungcheongbuk-do Governor’s Award
  • Patent registration for periodontal ligament removal device using ultrasound
  • Received the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee Chairman Award

2017 ~ 2015

Laying the foundation for
becoming a top-notch company.
  • Patent registration for a dental restorative composition containing an organic thickener as an active ingredient and its manufacturing method
  • Patent registration for fast-hardening gel composition for fastening guide of abutments used in dental implants
  • Patent registration for manufacturing method of pulp restoration material
  • Awarded by Minister of Food and Drug Safety
  • Designated as a promising export small and medium business
  • Expansion and relocation (current address)
  • Patent registration for root canal filling composition set and method of use

2014 ~ 2011

Benefiting people
with new technology.
  • Patent registration for GEL type dental root canal cleaner
  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001. CE certified
  • Establishment of a corporate research center
  • Venture business certification
  • Establishment of Mediclus Co., Ltd.