Restorative Materials

Hi-Bond™ [첨부 이미지1]
Hi-Bond™ [첨부 이미지2]
Hi-Bond™ [첨부 이미지3]
Hi-Bond™ [첨부 이미지1]
Hi-Bond™ [첨부 이미지2]
Hi-Bond™ [첨부 이미지3]


7th Generation One-step Bonding Agent

Hi-Bond™ is a MBG(mesoporous BAG) incorporated one-step dental adhesive. Hi-Bond™ can produce hydroxyapatite by contacting with saliva through BAG. It has sufficient bonding strength, remineralization effect and preventive effect on post-operative sensitivity.



10-MDP, BAG, Methacrylate monomers, solvent


1. Etching, priming and bonding agent in one component and bottle

2. Available for both self-etch and total-etch

3. Sufficient bonding strength

4. Promoting remineralization of dentin and mitigating postoperative sensitivity through BAG


1. Bonding for direct composite restoration.

2. Bonding for porcelain, composite, metal repair, setting amalgam and post.

3. Bonding for porcelain veneer.