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MEDICLUS CO. was founded in 2011, as a manufacturer of dental chemical materials based on excellent R&D technology.

MEDICLUS has acquired domestic and international certifications - CE, ISO13485/9001 and KGMP for all products. Our quality control process is managed upon strict standard regulation requiring to medical device manufacturers.
With our long-lasting business relationship of exporting to over 40 countries, MEDICLUS will continue to strive forward to develop a wide spectrum of dental materials and excellent products for our customers.

Mediclus Co., Ltd.


Chemical Focus

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Our objective

Improvement of quality of life

MEDICLUS aims the management goal to realize humanity's dream of 'life extension' and the improvement of life by reducing tooth pain. Specialists with years of experience in chemisrty and engineering focus on developing optimal products by studying selection of materials based on chemical properties and fusion reactions between materials.

Through intensive investiment in research, MEDICLUS will play a leading role in the future dental industry by developing materials and technologies that will effectively used in the development of robot technology and incorporating artificial inttelligence into the dental industry.

Eco-Friendly Focus

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Our objective

Healthy life

Recognizing the importance of social responsibility to protect the environment, we, MEDICLUS regards Green Mangements as an important management belief.

In product development, we are focusing on the use of bio-friendly raw marterials and replacement of eco-friendly materials with the top priority of material safety and environmental protection. Aiming to use human-friendly materials when manufacutring products and zero waste in the process of manufacutring. Thus, we intend to become the 1st Green Company, faithfully performing environmental protection.


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Temporary Restorations
Temporary filling material
Temporary crown and bridge resin
Temporary cement

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Whitening & ETC
Muli-function gel
Fluoride gel
Liquid Rubber dam
Separating agent

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Resotorative Materials
Composite material
Bulk fill flowable resin
Pit&Fissure sealant

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Endodontic Materials
Root canal filling material
Root canal cleansing material
Canal orifice indicator

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Impression Materials